Dear Bazaars, I Miss You.

Dear Bazaars,

There are so sooo soooo many of you nowadays but I’ve been so sooo sooooo super busy I haven’t seen any of you. Well, one…and it wasn’t to shop, but just to pick up my cousin who had a booth there. With less than a dozen days before Christmas, it’s hard to believe I have not entered any of you…that’s a lot to be said for a shopaholic like me!

Yes….this was me going crazy at the World Trade Bazaar a few years back with my then favorite shopping partner. Errr….I dunno though if she would say the same thing about shopping with me though. Lookie….

It was a blast shopping then, and we went crazy in the dog store haha….

We also had a loooong laugh after some crazy girl decided to swipe the shirt I was trying to buy. As in she intercepted it just as the saleslady was handing it to me. Grrr. Booo boooo booooo! (Remember that shirt Janine??? mwahahaha…..I mean of all the cartoon character shirts among the piles of character and sports shirts, including the wrestling ones, the candy ones and even the nba shirts the crazy lady had to steal mine!

What a fun, fun day I swear. So, dear bazaars, I’ve been meaning to drop by and see you, whether in World Trade or in Cuenca, but it looks like I won’t be seeing you this year anymore. Sigh.

Till next time,


PS. It just must be said, however: I think I miss you more. Ktnxbai

Janine!!! we have nicer pics in your Flickr but…I have no right click in my mac so I can’t get the location mwahahaha. And you disabled the download feature. Boo. Yes, I’m ranting because of I miss you a wee bit more today!!!

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