Christmas Break, Where Are You?!?!

Okay…I know I started out the day determined to not complain

but but but

can I just say HEEEELPPPP!!!! Throw me that life ring right about now why don’t ya…

Photo: “life saver revisited” by , c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

oh…lemme put things in context…I’m okay…I just feel a little overwhelmed by the number of tasks I have to accomplish before the year ends…

for one there’s my grades to finish…then I need to wrap presents (errr….if I finish painting them that is)….then I have to attend to house errands….and I need to have the real estate taxes assessed and paid, plus I need to get my car insurance quotes before January….and I should take Bubba to the vet…and I have to work on those danged clearbooks done!!!

WAAAAH….save me!!!

okay rant over 🙂

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