A Love Affair to Remember

Nicky and I have had an on-again-off-again relationship for the past year….medyo nagkatampuhan kasi kami when Sammy came along…

It’s not naman na pinagpalit ko siya kay Sammy, after all, there sure is room in my life for both of them, right? It’s not naman like I was cheating on him with the other, and that even if I had made a new friend he was still greatly loved, but no…when Sammy came along, Nicky prolly started feeling a little left out…a little selos, and yes, super duper nagtampo siya. For some reason, out of the blue, he stopped clicking for me. Yes, no matter how much I tried to adjust, zoomed in and out, when I’d push his buttons, no clicking. After some cooling off and letting things be, I realized we just needed to reset things and although there was a Sammy in the picture, iba pa rin ang relationship namin. Yes, true love ika nga. I may not invest extra in him, but what matters is going back to the basics…kaya hanggang ngayon, basic kit lens pa rin gamit ko.

Mwihihi 😉 Kala niyo tunay na love story no??? Meet Nicky and Sammy.

Seriously though, I was glad to stumble upon a PixelPro-Online.com contest at Vince Golangco’s site (Vince is also known for his other site, WhenInManila.com where he writes with one of the blogosphere’s pretty faces, Hannah of FlairCandy.com as well as the DJ of the G-Spot) where two anti-theft camera bags are up for grabs and I thought what better way to spend the rest of Chirstmas day than coming up with my official entry, right, esepcially after last nights whole gratitude post 🙂

Anyway, I got Nicky (aka a Nikon D-40) not too long ago and it has actually made me realize a lot of things (okay, I’m going a wee bit philosophical here, but go with me, okay? ;-)) It actually dawned on me that having Nicky has allowed me to see, pardon the pun, the bigger picture. And while Nicky may not be a real man, he sure has seen me through a lot and we’ve gone many places together 🙂

One of the greatest things about Nicky is that he always flatters me. Not that he doesn’t see my bad side also, but he always manages to brign out the best in me, both as a newbie photographer and a subject for photography as well. This is one of my favorite shots ever taken by Nicky.

Obviously I wasn’t the photographer, but during a quick trip to the beach with a dear, dear friend of mine and while there, she took a whole bunch of pictures of me that seem to has captured more than what I was feeling in the moment, but when I look at those photos, it speaks volumes of where I am in my life journey. I’m not very good at having my picture taken, actually, because I tend to get way too self-conscious when I look into a camera and only a handful of people (errr…less than a handful to be precise…) can actually capture a great, natural and real snapshot of me. Sure I can pose well (yesss…let’s get to the self-affirmation part please mwahahaha!) and I am able to project for a camera and look good doing it (errr…sige na, pagbigyan, photogenic daw!), but to actually pose and be comfortable, its kinda….hard.

But with Nicky around, I get to take lots of great shots, and get a lot of great shots taken of me. I know it isn’t only the camera that does it, but it sure makes it easier. What I like about these shots is that I get to appreciate so much more than just what I see in front of me because for some reason, often times when I shoot, the finished product has something extra that I didn’t necessarily see ahead of time. For example, when I took this photo during the same trip I was talking about earlier, I was only focusing on the boat, but not the sky, the ripples of the water etcetera.

In the same way, however, I have my fair share of bad shots from Nicky…those that look good upon viewing but when I upload to my PC, errr…something isn’t right. At the end of the day, however, whether we have a good day or not, what I love about being with Nicky is that I really get to appreciate so much more of people, things and situations around me than meets the eye.

So there…that is our little love story 🙂

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