Where’s the Beach?!?

Right about now, I so wish I was lounging under the sun lying on the sandy shores of Batangas or Boracay or anywhere else there is a beach. I sooooo miss it already. I’ve just been so overly tired with all the things I have to do. Oh, but don’t get me wrong: I’ve been doing okay, but I still want to just take it easy in the place that makes me most happy.

For now, the upside to not going to the beach is the fact that I have a few extra months to get into better shape and to shop for new swimsuits. Hehe. Last time I was in the beach I kinda had my top falling off so I really need new ones. But….can I aspire for a bikini soon?!?! Teeeeheeeheeee….maybe if I gave those Brazilian diet pills a try I can actually do so mwahahaha!!! Seriously, though, bikini or not, I can’t wait to hit the beach.

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