Serial Sevens: Things that Made Me Smile This Week

The past few days have not really been very bright and sunshiny for me, and for the most part, it has challenged a lot of my inner resources and have left me somewhat teetering on edge, but I am taking the time right now to think about some things that made me smile and warmed my heart, essentially keeping me grounded despite the stresses and curveballs that came my way.

  1. Seeing my little Cara on Facebook all grown up 🙂 This whole FB thing, I must say is soooo amazing.
  2. Happy Monday 🙂 Plus shopping. How can you beat that?
  3. Conversations overheard in the elevator (even if not by me, the message was conveyed well enough hehe.
  4. Lunch with friends, be it caf food or not.
  5. Bearable traffic for most of the week
  6. Movie night 🙂 Yeeessss….I wasn’t sick for movie night this week.
  7. Random comments from people I wasn’t expecting to hear them from.

Oooh…this went faster than I anticipated hehe 🙂 There are a lot of other things too that suddenly popped in to mind and after today, that truly, truly means a lot 🙂

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