Play That Happy Music Please

I’ve never been a big music fan, nor was I really the type to find pleasure or comfort in songs but in the last few months, I have found myself putting on my iPod more and more often (errr…which used to be primarily used for my preschoolers haha!) and finding joy in listening to songs from my many play lists. Currently on loop nowadays is Lenka, whose music simply is magic, I swear. For some reason, no matter how cranky, sad, tired or stressed I am, she always… um…in her words:

...you seem to know the way to turn my frown upside down...

Haha. Cute, right?

But seriously, her entire CD is such a joy. I play it constantly in my car (so much so my Thirstday partner teases me about it) and even on my PC at night. I love her songs so much that if I the karaoke machines at Red Box or any of those videoke places had it, I may just consider singing. And that’s a lot coming from me!!! Mwahaha.

I can’t really pick a favorite from her songs, but I really like Skipalong, Trouble is a Friend, The Show, and Knock Knock (which is where those lyrics I mentioned earlier comes from).

So today, after an extremely challenging class session, I am putting Lenka on loop as always. Cue the happy music now 😉

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