Out With the Old

Much as I LOVE and I mean LOVE my little kiddies, I am kinda looking forward to the fact that Christmas break is just around the corner….I kinda feel a wee bit burnt out and overstretched lately. I know it’s my fault…after all, I have really taken on more than I can handle right about now. What was that Julia Roberts said in the movie Eat Pray Love? Something like my life is more full when my plate is empty? Whatever it is (see, I’m that too tired to even look it up…errr…I know a Google search will easily find that but….)

So this coming 2011, I am making it a point to simplify my life…out with some things that have worn out its place in my life, welcoming new ones, such as more writing jobs *happy sigh*. Blogging and writing this year has truly been such a pleasure. Let’s not forget the added perks…like the assignment for a spa cover feature, shopping assignments, food events (well maybe not this haha!)…yes, this is what I need to make more room for at this time. Lately, too, I have been rediscovering my love for painting and drawing, especially with my craft box project. While I may not be so fabulous at it (errr…I’m not Matisse after all), I still love how it makes me feel and no matter how stressed I am, it calms me down and quiets my mind. These are a few things I am looking forward to welcoming in the coming year. For January to March, I have less units in the university (which is in a way, a wee bit sad….but I think necessary) due to schedule conflicts. In a way, I think it had to happen so I have more time to focus on my last hurrah at the preschool. Then comes April when I finally bid farewell to the preschool. I guess I’ll reassess the direction of my life journey then, huh?

For now, this is what I’ll hold on to….the rainbow that’s bound to be brightening up my sky after whatever storm that comes my way.

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