Making My Way to Healthy

The other day, I sent my family and MMS of a recent photo of me which really emphasized the amount of weight I’ve lost in the past few months. One of my aunts immediately messaged me back and said I should stop dieting already because I was looking good already. I told her that I wasn’t really as consciously dieting anymore, but I am still trying to find my way to a good kind of healthy. I think that is the most essential part of this whole journey. I did notice, however, that since I’ve lost weight, I started being more susceptible to colds and headaches. I don’t know if it’s the weather or my body coping with the sudden weight loss, or a combination of both. Plus of course I can’t deny that I’ve been under an incredible amount of stress lately. So, I think what I need to do would be the following:

  • Increase my water intake
  • Lessen my exposure to smoke, dust, pollution and the like
  • Try to sleep adequately (errr….this is a weee bit hard!)
  • Eat more (haha!) consistently. I tend to skip meals, but not necessarily for the diet but because of work
  • Up my vitamins and supplement intake to build up my immune system (I have to research on this first though…I tend to just rely on the basic, generic supplements if ever I take any. But as to what the best vitamins for women would be, I have no idea! Um…is there really a difference between men’s and women’s supplements???)
  • Avoid things I should avoid 🙂 Errr….like too much meat, fatty food, caffeine….and other stuff haha.

Hopefully these steps not only help me keep up the diet, but to also become a more healthy me 🙂

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