It Happened on the Way Home….

A few days ago I was driving home and the most shocking thing happened. While stalled in traffic, I was doing what most other people do: checking my cellphone. In the car next to me, the passengers were doing the same thing. Unlike me, however, they had their windows rolled down. Out of the blue this guy comes up to the car, sticks his hand through the window and grabs the cellphone from the passenger. Yes, right out there where everyone could see. I was shocked beyond belief, so much so that I got teary-eyed. When I posted about it in my Plurk, many of my friends reminded me that this was actually an old m.o. that many hooligans have always used. Some would even literally open your car doors and grab your stuff. Then I remembered that that was actually why I stopped passing the service road going home and instead would shell out the toll fees in the expressway, because at one point, there was a string of cases where men in motorcycles would actually bash in your car windows and grab what they can. While yes, many insurance companies do cover theft and go beyond the mandatory TPL coverage, (some, like 5th wheel insurance even do motor home coverage), it still is quite traumatizing and scary to see something like that happen. Although the monetary value of what was taken may not really be much, and the insurance will cover repairs or what not, it doesn’t lessen the shock value of such actions.

Today, on my way to my best friends wedding, I had another random car event that made me ask what we can do to prevent these things from happening. On my way, there was a child street vendor who knocked at my window. I turned him away but he still pestered me at the window and refused to leave even when the light turned green. As in he was holding on to my car so I couldn’t move forward because I was afraid I’d run over him or something! GAAAAH!!!! I tell ya. Again: while my insurance coverage would have dealt with whatever accident that could have happened, I still didn’t want to risk it.

*sigh* sometimes, I swear, I wish I worked from home so I don’t have to deal with all the hassles that happen on the road when I’m on my way home 🙁

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