What’s Your Word? (and more Eat Pray Love reflections)

broken bits and pieces, useless it seems, but when put together, make a beautiful whole

This morning a friend of mine posed the question that Liz Gilbert was asked in part of her story, Eat Pray Love. What is your word? If you asked me this months ago, I probably would have taken a long time to answer. However, today, the answer came so spontaneously that it surprised even me. Well, I have to admit that I did write something in my own Eat Pray Love movie review before the question was asked, which actually made me reflect on my own healing journey a couple of years back.

So today when she asked that, I immediately said my word is “mosaic”. Why? Well, this is how i see my word: I am a mix of broken and imperfect pieces that makes a perfectly beautiful whole.

As I shared in my last post, I discovered mosaics during a difficult period in my life and the inspiration for that actually came from one of those contemporary coffee tables that Rachael Ray always talks about or features in her show. I was also in a beach once where there were mosaic tiles around the coffee tables which inspired me to explore making mosaics.

So from there, I found my word. And for me, I think it is perfect.

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