Looking at Life as We Know It in All New Lenses

This morning I posted a message on  Plurk that read  “Good Morning!”

A dear friend of mine commented, “morning! may good!”. I paused for a minute and tried to figure out what she meant by it, then I realized that I often just Plurk “morning”, especially when I cannot find the good in the morning. In fact, once I even went as far as posting “morning. morning lang, wala pa siyang good  (morning. just morning because there’s no good in it)”.

For today, I did not really think about what I posted, I just went with what felt right and it wasn’t till it was pointed out that perhaps, even unconsciously, I am really making strides in reframing the way I think about things around me. After some mulling it over, I replied to her and said, yes, there is good. I am making it a point to find the good in every morning no matter what.

Where is this all coming from? No, don’t worry, dear readers, this is not another Eat Pray Love review or reaction.

Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel opens in local cinemas on October 20, 2010. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I came to the conclusion that we really need to look at the world with all new lenses from the upcoming romantic comedy, “Life As We Know It” which stars Katherin Heigl and Josh Duhamel. The story begins with a blind date from hell between  Holly (Heigl) and Messer (Duhamel) after their best friends set them up. From then on, the two were always at odds and since they loved their best friends to bits, they had no choice but to be in the same places and events a lot of the time. Until one day they received the devastating news that their friends had died and that they were named the guardians of their orphaned daughter Sophie. From then on, life as they knew it flew out the window.

Life As We Know It is a wonderfully funny, human look (yes, for a comedy, I have to say it is very real!) at how life sometimes throws you curve balls and all you can do is really just laugh and breathe through it, then reframe the way of thinking about it because holding on to the way things were in the past really won’t work anymore. Unlike a typical chick flick or mindless romantic comedy, this one was full of real emotions and lessons that really reminded me of what is important which is why I loved it so much. It wasn’t all cheesy, it wasn’t all funny, but it was just so real (gah…I think I used real to many times in describing this film, ya think???)

I have always loved Katherine Heigl (even before her Grey’s Anatomy days) and her comedic timing and flair is at it’s usual best. There’s really just something very endearing about her. I had never really been familiar with Josh Duhamel, but my golly, he was sooooo adorably hot 🙂 Yep…I was smitten. The baby who played Sophie was also so darned cute!

One of my favorite lines in the movie went something like this: “asking for help doesn’t mean you failed, it just means you don’t have to go at it alone”. *sigh* Yes, I am a sucker for cheesey but very human lines like these!!!

I guess I can liken that to changes I am making in my life. While yes, I know I can be able to accomplish the things I need to do on my own, but every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to have someone on your side helping you out, right? Another example would be working on my weight loss…while I know that there are no easy answers, there ared days that I wish I could just get some of those Weight loss pills that work fast, especially when you’re working towards a deadline (like my best friends wedding in two and a half weeks…yikes!!!!).

Seriously though, for a single, independent girl like me, asking for help, and taking it for that matter, has never really been very easy but that was one thing I took away with me from the movie. Who would have thought that a romantic comedy would be so insightful, I tell ya!

Life As We Know It opens on October 20, 2010 in Philippine theaters. The film is directed by Greg Berlanti and is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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