Finding My Way to “It’s Okay”

It’s been three weeks since I went on my little road trip to Tagaytay….three weeks too since I hit the magic number 21 on the weighing scale. And yes, three weeks later, it’s still stuck there. Okay, on one hand, I am glad it hasn’t gone up, but on the other, a little itty bitty part of me feels slightly frustrated because…well…because it’s stuck.

Then again, I do know that these numbers on the scale are just that: numbers. In my head, I know it’s okay that the numbers haven’t changed, because I can see the difference anyway when I look in the mirror. After all, I have come to the point where I accept that I will never ever have a very slim frame because that’s really now how I’m built. No amount of surgery or thermogenic fat burners will ever give me that anyway, right? So I have to work on getting to the best possible fit given my body type. I also know that I am going the right way with this weight loss quest of mine, meaning I am taking it slow, allowing my body to adjust and cope with the changes without throwing off my balance completely.

The heart, however, is still on it’s way to finding the “okay” in it. I’ll get there soon, right?

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