After the Sunshine

Yesterday was such a physically tiring but emotionally restful day for me, especially after the whole weeks stresses. Much as I was able to manage to make it through with enough positive energy and optimism through the week, I couldn’t help but run a bit low as Friday came along, particularly since the weather was really, really bad. Anyway, yesterday I was able to put those shadows aside, and find some pleasure in my art again.

Today, however, Project Sunshine kinda….um….is kicking my behind! Physically, that is! My knees hurt, my shoulders hurt, and my back…let’s not even go there!!! And since yesterday evening, I’ve been soooooo dizzy, but emotionally, I’m good so that’s okay hehe.  I have half a mind to take some pain relievers right about now, but I think I’ll be okay without it. What I realized, however, is that I really am not taking very good care of my body. Although yes, I am working on losing weight, I also have to work on other aspects of my health, such as being consistent with taking the medications I’ve been prescribed by my doctor (but I hate to the highest heavens because it wreaks havoc on my tummy all the time!). I should also start taking calcium supplements and vitamins, especially since I’m not getting any younger and given my hormone problems, I’d say a future with osteoporosis may not be too improbably.

For now, however, I’m going to lounge in bed all morning with my laptop and give my body a chance to recover. And later this afternoon, when I leave, I may just have to give my heels a day off….my knees can’t take anymore strain!!!!

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