Today’s Thought Bubble: Thank You.

There are no words to describe who overwhelmed I am with gratitude today. It wasn’t a perfect day, mind you, but for some reason, the only thought that keeps popping in my head, and more so, in my heart, is how grateful I am that I have been so wonderfully blessed in spite of all the challenges that keep popping my way.

I am grateful to my kids who brighten up my day every morning, no matter how much of a struggle it is to wake up in the morning, and to the people who make me feel that, despite what I think, I am a lovable human being.

I am grateful for my Bubba who teaches me day by day what it really means to love unconditionally and for the joy he brings to my life, even though he smells at times 🙂

I am grateful for twists and turns and detours in my life’s journey that often lead me to the most wonderful, beautiful and meaningful experiences in my life.

And in the words so wisely gifted to me last night by someone I am forever blessed to know: I am grateful just because.

(oh…and dear cowsins: hindi…hindi boyfriend yun, pwede. I’ll tell you when it happens, I promise!)


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