Today’s Thought Bubble: I’m Just a Jealous Guy

We all know how much my Bubba is the highlight of my life, right? He makes all the tiredness, hurt, sadness and darkness in my life go away by simply being there beside me. I swear he’s super protective of me, and at times, kinda selfish. He hates it when I play with other dogs or things he thinks will take his place. For example, sometimes when I hug my pillow, he barks at it and tries to make siksik between me and the pillow. I promise this dog is so crazy!

Today, my cutie patootey niece Arianna was here at home again and although he and she got along just fine all afternoon, when Yanna woke up from her nap and came to me, he started barking!!! To be fair to Bubba, he never attacks, he just barks. Really loudly. Super seloso I swear!!! And so today’s thought bubble is dedicated to my Bugoy 🙂 I bet that’s what goes through his mind whenever I show affection to something/someone else!


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