Today’s Thought Bubble: Fate Rocks.

I have always said every good thing that has happened in my life (from becoming a teacher, getting into the Psychology graduate program and eventually teaching in it, falling in and out of love, even to working in my clinic now) were unplanned and results of fate stepping in and presenting her plans for me.

Today, I am reminded of that once again. I do not need to always fight the unknown and try to understand (or should I say over-think or intellectualize) why things happen to me. Rather, I should be still with it and, as a dear friend told me recently, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I just love how fate stepped in and brought me someone to remind me not to fight so much to fit into a mold that just isn’t meant for me. Despite me not being what I’m “supposed” to be according to the world’s standards, I am okay. And yes, it’s not so bad to be different 🙂


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