Take Me Away

Every once in a while I wish I could just get away from the stresses of daily life, kinda like what Elizabeth Gilbert din on her one year sabbatical where she traveled around different countries to be just by herself. I’ve always said I’d love to do that too, but only if Bubba could come along with me.

Today was definitely one of those days where in I found myself asking for some miracle to take me away from where I was. I envisioned myself going on a really, reeeeaaaally long road trip, with just the essentials and Bubba by my side. Perhaps we can go on a mobile home or an rv and just zip away to all the different beaches around. We can just stay wherever and however long I want. That would be such heaven. True there would be limitations to such a dream. For one, there seems to be no mobile homes here where I am! haha. Plus I wonder, given that, if there are good and affordable rv insurance quotes that I can get to facilitate my year long road trip. Further, such a trip would still need some money, right?

Anyway, although this is just a dream for me, it does help a lot on days like this when I am so stressed out and stuff. I just try to remember that these days will come no matter where I am. As such, I will just have to let the moment pass one way or another.

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