Stitches In Time

I remember that sometime in the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, cross-stitching became a very popular hobby. Random thought? Well, yes and no 🙂 Last night I dusted off an old cross-stitch bag I had and found a half-finished project I had started.

Boy, did it take me back! I remember how I would spend hours on end doing project after project, but sadly, as I got older, I started to run out of time for it. What I liked best about cross-stitching was that it was one of the most relaxing activities ever. It was as if I was being swept into a quiet world where there were no problems, no concerns, just full of nice colors and pretty pictures. The last projects I completed, birth announcements for my goddaughters, were done years, years ago. I suddenly had the urge to finish this project, although I kinda think that would be next to impossible given the demands of my work. I do hope, however, someday I finish this project. It is perhaps one of the last “real” pictures of my mom, my sister and myself. And though we all look very different from the time of that photograph, it would still be nice to see that hanging on a wall someday.

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