It’s a Sunny Rainy Day!

The kids I teach in preschool love it when the weather suddenly changes while we are doing our daily calendar. They get a kick of saying it’s a cloudy day when they first come in, then it becomes a sunny day, then not long after, it starts to rain and it becomes a rainy day!

As for me,  I HATE IT!!!

In as much as I love, love, love sunny days (so much so that without sunny days I feel like I am slipping into a state of depression), I wouldn’t mind a string of rainy days, as long as those days would be reflective of what a rainy day is. What I mean is I don’t like it when it gets so, so hot and then all of a sudden there’s a downpour. That really drives me nuts. Not just that, the sudden changes in weather never fails to get me sick. It triggers my asthma which soon escalates to the flu and before I know it, I am down with a bug that is so hard to shake off. My friends and family keep telling me that maybe I should bulk up on Vitamin C, or perhaps be more consistent in taking multivitamin supplements to help my immunity. I guess that might help, but what would really help, in my opinion, for the weather to behave!

Please, dear Mr. Sun, make up your mind if you’re gonna shine or not!?!

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