Understanding Halal Food

Have you ever seen those signs posted at restaurants or on food products that read “Certified Halal Food”? They often come with an Islam translation or writing? I often wondered what it was but I never really took the time to read about it. However, today I noticed a few status messages on my Facebook wall about  Halal certified food page.  Upon looking at it, it lead me to a list of Halal Certified Products.

So what exactly is Halal?

According to the handy dandy Wikipedia page, Halal is “a term designating any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law”. As such, food products or companies with these certifications offer food that are allowable for Muslims according to their dietary laws and traditions. If I understand it correctly, it’s kind of like what the Jewish call “kosher” food.

Although I am not very familiar with the tenets of both Muslim and Jewish traditions and laws, I know, like other religions, they value these a lot. As such, they really take to heart what the Qu’ran (or as we know it, Koran) says. Their dietary laws give specific guidelines about what is deemed “clean” or “unclean”.  I always knew that the consumption of blood (such as dinuguan) was considered “unclean” in Islam tradition but it isn’t till now that I knew that there was more to that. Apparently because Muslims are taught to value animals as more than just a source of food, even the way they are slaughtered make a food Halal or not.

Another new thing I learned about Halal today is that it’s not just limited to meat products (which was my initial assumption). Apparently even sauces, juices and the like can be considered Halal. Interesting, huh?

The site lists products that are Certified Halal, which I’m sure is bound to be highly informative and benefitial, especially to those who struggle with finding allowable or not-allowable food for their diet.

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