Today’s Thought Bubble: To shop or not to shop?

Um….sometimes, there are questions that just don’t need to be asked hehehe 🙂

I found the most FABULOUS pair of shoes last Saturday. To top it off, it was 40% off. From the time I tried it on, it was love 🙂 …however, because I had promised myself that I would be a less impulsive shopper, I told myself to sleep on it before making a decision…yes, that despite the fact that my heart was shouting (not to mention those shoes!) “buy me, buy me!”. I managed to hold out till this morning and all through the day I was thinking about whether I should or shouldn’t.

I must say, however, fate had a hand in deciding this for me today: on my way up to work, my shoe broke.

And the answer: to shop. Woot.


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