Take a Bite out of Twilight with Vampires Suck!

From the makers of Date Movie and Epic Movie comes a hilarious spoof on Stephanie Mayer’s  widely popular Twilight Saga. Meet Becca, an angst- filled, anxious teenager who moves to a small town where she has to learn to live with a father who treats her like the baby he remembered while caught between two handsome and intriguing guys who both have eyes for her.

Sound familiar? Haha. To sum it up, the movie takes us from Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse and a bit of the future as well.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the film as much as I did, especially since I am not a big fan of satires and these kinds of comedy, but I found myself laughing my head off throughout the film. I loved how the actors really resembled the original characters from Twilight. They were also able to show the nuances of the characters, such as the way Bella (Kristen Stewart) would nervously push her hair back, nod and chew on her lip. Even the Sullen clan (yes, the Cullens 🙂 ) was just like the real ones from the Twilight Saga.

Vampires Suck is definitely a great laugh trip to take, especially after a long week’s work!

Vampires Suck is released by 20th Century Fox and is set to hit theaters on August 25, 2010.

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