Savings on the Move

I have a friend who works as a traveling physical therapist somewhere in the US. Every three to six months, she has to relocate from one area to another. At first it sounded like fun, but for me, I don’t think I can manage to live life on the move. For one, I like collecting stuff. Secondly, I like being familiar with places I am in and lastly, I do not do well with change! Can you just imagine if I had to lug myself back and forth and all around different cities and places? Oh my gosh!

Anyway, one thing she often has to contend with is finding the best movers to help her in her next relocation. She’s had good luck with various companies so far, but in a way, I guess it can cost a lot to keep traveling back and forth. Lucky for her she is not like me so she doesn’t really have much to move. I suggested she check out online companies to help find the best savings and deals for her needs, such as Billy.com. They have an online estimate calendar that allows you to gauge how much, for example, Austin relocation services would cost. They can also help you find the best movers for your location, such as San Antonio movers.

I hope next time she moves, it’s a move back to the Philippines. However, I know that is close to an impossibility!

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