Reviving Little Miss Snapshot :-)

When 2009 started, I attempted a photo project 365, which I called ...said Little Miss Snapshot…

However, things happened and I got busy so I never really got to maintain that site. In any case, since then, I have purchased two new cameras, Nikki (my Nikon D40) and Sammy ( my Samsung PL151), and I figured I better put them to good use, right?

When I first got Nikki, I even attended a basic photography class so I can better get to know my camera. However, the day I went to the class was not a very good day for me so I guess I didn’t really get to learn as much as I could.  I know the basic terminology, such as what aperture means, and shutter speed and the like. I also understand how to adjust the settings manually when need be. But what I can’t figure out yet is what setting is best for various situations, such as outdoors, low lighting, portraits and so on and so forth.  I often end up getting a good shot via trial and error! See?

My wish is I get good enough to take one shot and get a good one out of it! Then again, I guess that’s why I’m lucky photography is now digital and no longer reliant on the old type of film!

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