Pen Pal days and Handwritten Letters

Today I was just thinking about how differently we communicate with each other nowadays. I remember that as a child, I would eagerly anticipate the postman coming by and dropping greeting cards in my mailbox. Today, we call this type of communication “snail mail”, and while I enjoy the speed of email and the instant access this gives us, I still wish I get mail dropped into my mailbox. What spurred on this sudden nostalgia for mailboxes, you ask? Well, I accidentally stumbled on Whitehall Mailboxes when I searched the web for the term and photos of  “fleur de lis”.  One of the Premium Whitehall Mailboxes I found had that design, and it was quite pretty (and it’s on sale too haha)

Besides getting mail in a real mailbox, I always liked the extra charm of mailboxes on the lawn. I personally liked those Personalized Mailboxes that were so carefully created, such as the one in the movie ‘Hand that Rocks the Cradle’. I remember when I was living in Virginia, we had those little Wall Mounted Whitehall Mailboxes by the stairwell (I lived in an apartment complex) and even though it was only plain black, I loved passing by and looking at the nameplates in each box. Some were just handwritten, but some were elaborately decorated.

Today, the only mail I get in my mailbox are bills. Occasionally, I get one of those computer generated greeting cards from various banks and companies I transact with. It made me miss the days I would receive handwritten letters from my various pen pals from different places around the world!

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