Maximizing Your Blogs Potential

For the longest time, I blogged in secret. Well, not completely in secret, but only a few people new about my blog. I didn’t really have much of a readership and it would be rare for someone to stumble upon it via a random Google search. I guess it was because I blogged about things that weren’t really “searchable” and was really centered on my day to day experiences.

Eventually, however, I discovered a lot of things about blogging. I learned how it can be a venue for widening my social circle, as well as a means of promoting my advocacies and things I believed in. Blogging also allowed me to share my opinions and ideas about things that mattered. More so, I discovered that blogging can be fun and rewarding. From those realizations, my blogs started evolving.

One thing I never really understood, however, was search engine optimization. No matter how much my blogger friends have explained it to me, or how much I’ve tried searching about it on Google, I can’t get it. To be fair, there are times when I (by some sheer miracle!) seem to get it right and I land on the first page of a Google search. But when it comes to really understanding what it’s all about, I’m still at a loss! All I understood about SEO was that it is a highly effective means of getting traffic to get to your site.

I’m sure many neophyte bloggers like me feel confused by search engine optimization and making the most of our blogs.Whether the goal is for monetizing your blog or simply building a strong readership, I’m sure learning the SEO tricks-of-the-trade will definitely help maximize one’s blog potential.

For me, what I’d like to accomplish with my blog is to earn via Google Adsense, which, so far, has been elusive to me 🙂

If you are like me and would like to explore how far your blog can go, you may wanna check out this video:

The Google Insider Secrets to Search Engine Optimization is set for August25-26, 2010 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Ballroom of Crowne Plaza Galleria. Two noted speakers, Simon Leung from the USA and Fabian Lim from Singapore, are coming in to the Philippines to share their expertise with Filipino audiences. This is definitely a rare opportunity to learn from such seasoned veterans.

If only I didn’t have so much work to do, I surely would love to attend this!

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