Fan Girl Mode On!

I have never been one to really follow local teleseryes (okay, okay, I will admit na sinubaybayan ko rin ang Ula at Mara Clara… in fairness to me, wala pang cable nun harhar) but for the first time, I really am SUPER DUPER hooked on one of the latest Kapamilya teleseryes. Granted that Rubi caught my fancy when it first started, my response to the show was not as bongga as my response to Magkaribal. The proof: this is my second blog post about the show. Yes, fan ako. As in super, duper fan. (okay, you can stop rolling your eyes now!)

So, when my dear friend Flow invited me to attend the Magkaribal Victory Party at ABS-CBN last night, I did not hesitate. And yes, nag inarte pa ako at sinuot ko ang aking stilettos. Blue nga lang, hindi red.

The only sad part of the evening was that Derek Ramsey wasn’t there 🙁 huhu. Although his character in the show is really not my type, he’s just so….yummy 🙂 Seriously, he’s perhaps the only local artista who makes me swoon. I swear, there’s something about him that’s just so magnetic and charming. In fact, when I drive down the SLEX (which I do on a daily basis), I get all kilig when I see his ads lining up the highway. Ganun ako ka smitten.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes of the show…I hope it’s as good as how it started!!!

some photos courtesy of Iris 🙂

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