Clean Your House with Wonder Cleaners

One of my favorite television shows on the Lifestyle Network is Clean House, which stars the over-the-top comedienne/TV host Nicey Nash. I love how she and her team are able to clean up even the largest of messes.

Like many of her guests, I am one of those many people who tend to keep too much clutter in my space. Be it my workspace in school, or my bedroom at home, I have an overflow of stuff! Not that it’s not clean, it’s just cluttered. I’m lucky that I still live with family so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up the house on my own, especially since we still have a helper on hand. As such, I have a clean house, albeit highly cluttered!

However, every now and then I think we need extra help to clean up the home, especially after holidays and parties. This is also true for general cleaning which includes vacuuming upholstery, de-cluttering, and polishing silver. These aren’t things we do everyday and sometimes, these are tasks that are so monumental that we put it aside repeatedly.

In comes WonderCleaner, your own Nicey Nash team! With a few taps of your finger, you can call on a highly efficient cleaning crew to help you deal with your home cleaning needs. Their services range from the everyday cleaning tasks to the once-a-year-spring-cleaning experience. They also offer after-party clean-ups! That would have come in handy after my own debut, which I held at home. I had over a hundred guests in my house and it took the helpers almost 3 days to completely put my house back together again after the party! I doubt it will take the WonderCleaners that long though…as they said, they don’t just clean, they WonderClean!

WonderCleaners can be reached through the following:

Telephone number: 5460802
Cellphone number: 09173243538
Email address: wondercleanersinc@gmail.com

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