Serial Sevens: 7 Things I Want to Change in Myself

Starting today, I am starting a little project for myself. I decided to call it “Serial Sevens”. This won’t be a formal meme, but I wouldn’t mind if you joined in and did your own Serial Sevens alongside with me.

Before I post my first Serial Sevens, let me give a brief background on what it is, what I want to accomplish and why I called it such. First off, I wanted to have something more personal in my blog that I post regularly, something that is different from my assignments, movie and product reviews. I want it to be about me. I also think that this is a good way for me to kick start my now defunct gratitude journal and silver lining project, both of which have taken a back seat for now. For this exercise, I will not force myself to come up with explanations, but I may, every once in a while!

With regards to the name, I was teaching the MMSE to my students in Clinical Assessment last week and came across the word Serial Sevens. Although Serial Sevens pertains to an assessment question in the MMSE where the person is expected to count backwards in serial 7’s from 100, I liked the term and decided to recall 7 things for each of these lists. Plus, according to Miller,the human memory span is typically 7 items. Memory span refers to the longest list of items that one can recall, and based on evidence, it appears that most remember 7. This is why a lot of lists come in 7’s, such as telephone numbers (with out the suffixes for cellphone servers). Oh, and a babaw reason for the title: remember Miley Cyrus’ song, 7 Things? Haha!

So without further ado, my first Serial Sevens is a list of 7 Things I want to change in myself.

  1. Procrastinating.
  2. Overeating.
  3. Impulsive Shopping.
  4. Speaking without thinking what it is I am saying.
  5. Being overly judgmental.
  6. Green-eyed jealously.
  7. Not being true to myself or authentic.

There you go. What about you, what are 7 things you wanna change about you?

Share your opinion! Post your thoughts.

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