PC crashes and buzzy noises

My PC has been acting up lately. While I work, it suddenly lets out this long buzzy sound (sometimes it goes buzzz….buzzzz…buzzzz) then it dies. Sometimes, it kicks right back up when I restart but at times, it doesn’t. The last time this happened, it even had lots of lines scrolling all over the screen. It was like it was possessed! When I took it to the repair shop, I was told it was something about the memory things not being read, perhaps because it was dirty. So the guy took it out and ran a pencil eraser through it. I have a suspicion this is what’s going on with my PC again. I’m a little bit afraid to try resolving the issue myself though. However, I think I should address it before the problem escalates. It happened twice today, for example. Talk about annoying. I was right in the middle of uploading photos on my Flickr page and doing some research about nuphedragen among other things. Because of the interruption, I decided to switch back to Apple, my trust red-crusted Mac. I hope this PC problem is not a big thing…I still have files that are important in the PC!

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