An exciting week at the cinema: Inception, Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Cinco set to open!

The coming week is shaping up to be an exciting one for movie lovers like me! Three big flicks are set to open and it would definitely be hard to choose which to see first.

The first big movie set to open is one that I’ve been waiting for for quite some time, Inception, starring Leo de Caprio and Ellen Page.

Since the first time I saw the trailer (if I’m not mistaken some time last October/November) I knew I wanted to watch it. The tag line for the film goes “Your mind is the scene of the crime”. Being a psychologist, the tag line got my curiosity peaked. The movie revolves around a skilled thief, Dom Cobb, who does what no other thief can do: extract valuable secrets from one’s unconscious. Interesting, right? 🙂

Another one I’m looking forward to is Disney’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I’ve always enjoyed films that deal with magic, sorcery and the like so this is definitely going to be interesting. The film stars Nicholas Cage, Alfred Molina and Jay Baruchel.

The last one I am looking forward to is a local film, Cinco. Much as horror and suspense flicks, especially Filipino made ones, used to be corny, predictable and “fake”, this one looks quite interesting and even the cinematography and direction looks as if it really has made a lot of progress since the days of Shake, Rattle and Roll. I want to see how far our technology has gone and if the film can really keep up with foreign ones. I know the Philippines can, we’ve seen it, but in this genre, I want to see it happen to. Sadly, I don’t have a photo to upload 🙁

This is going to be an exciting week in the movies, let’s go!

Inception photos courtesy of Warner Bros., The Sorcerer’s Apprentice courtesy of Walt Disney Picutres

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