I need a shopping spree

With classes less than a week away, I have to face up to the sad fact that nothing in my clothes fit right. All the nice clothes I got from when I lost weight a couple of years ago are hanging in my closet gathering dust and some getting musty too. WAAAHHH!!! It saddens me a lot to have to admit that and the prospect of having to wear larger sized clothing, whether women’s or men’s clothing (yes, I’ve tried them all….even maternity clothing!!!) makes me feel so unsure of myself :-(

Then again, there’s only one way out of this right? I need a shopping spree.

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  1. Lourdes Espanol:

    You can always go to the gym and lose the weight.

  2. zoan:

    all women needs to do some shopping :D tsaka exercise ka nalang Ria, o kaya maging magalaw lang.. papayat ka din.. ako nga ang lakas kong kumain pero dahil masyado akong magalaw di ako tumataba…

  3. Lourdes Espanol:

    Sarap naman you’re going on a shopping spree.

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