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My “IT” movie of the year :-)

I’ve watched a total of 20 movies on the big screen since the year started and while there have been some REALLY great flicks, I have to give my IT MOVIE AWARD to the movie that brought back my favorite characters to the screen, Sex and the City 2.

The film was all glitz, all glamor and simply FABULOUS 🙂 As always, the fashion was breath-taking…and don’t get me started on the shoes! I love it!!! Carrie’s closet is always something that makes my heart stop for a moment or two. Suffice it to say, that night left me breathless a lot! It was really nice to see my favorite friends on screen again and all grown-up. I like how the story transitioned smoothly from the first one without leaving you questioning where these came from. Even the little props from the first flick made cameos, which, if you are a fan, you surely won’t miss. The downside, however, was that the film lacked the characteristic “oomph” that the series had. Nonetheless, I loved the movie a whole lot!

Since SATC2 is yet to open locally on the 2nd, I will refrain from posting my insights and reflections for now, especially as I read the draft I made seems to have bits that can be considered a spoiler (which I know many readers hate!!!). As a teaser, however, I will say this: the movie left me with a lot of conflicting feelings ranging from extremely giddy to a bit sad and nostalgic. Go see the movie, read my post about it on the POC on the 1st, and come back here after the second to read about my opinions of the film. I will end with this, however, it is the IT chick flick of the year for me 🙂

Clues to the secret of weight loss

Yes, here is another post on losing weight….as you all know, I really am trying to lose weight. After all, look at my before and after (and after again) pictures.

before and after
It hurts to see myself get fat again, especially after finally making it down to a pretty healthy size. Heck, I can even say I was hot back then, wouldn’t you agree? However, because of my hormone problems plus lack of motivation, as well as the more physically sedentary (despite the very high mental activity) lifestyle I live now, I have really packed on the pounds again.

Looking back at those days when I thought I won the battle with obesity, I realized what made me lose all the weight is not really just one thing, it was a combination of several changes I have made. Beyond fat burners, supplements and diet pills, the best weight loss formula is eating in moderation, increasing activity, and being consistent. Weight loss should not be a three-day or one-week thing. It really has to be a committed life change. Right now, that is what I’m struggling with!

Dusting off the good ‘ole treadmill…again!

In the past few days, I have made more of a concrete effort to try to get my body moving in  my quest of losing weight. For one, I’ve been more consistent in walking Bubba, my trusty exercise buddy, around the village and in a faster pace to the point of increasing my heart rate and getting my body to sweat more than the usual. I also have started swimming again, which is really one of my all-time favorite exercises to do.

However, just when I’ve gotten the motivation to do this more regularly, the rains have started to come in! I am trying hard not to use that as an excuse to not exercise so I am dusting off my treadmill and getting back on it. I just kind of dislike this treadmill because it’s not the electric type, so it’s a bit harder to use because the belt doesn’t turn smoothly since it runs on friction alone. Plus I have to keep my hands on the side to be able to propel myself forward, unlike the electric ones which run on its own then you just keep up with it. I don’t know, however, if one type of treadmill is better than the other.

Whatever it may be, I think what is important is that I stop using it as a towel or clothes rack (which it doubles as lately hahaha!) and to just get on it to walk away some pounds.

Last Two Days!!!

There’s two more days left till the end of MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY CONTEST 🙂

Thank you so much to all those who participated and supported the contest. There’s still some time for those who want to send in last-minute entries to try to win a whole load of prizes 🙂

There is a slight change in prizes, however. In lieu of the PINOY BLOGGER SHIRTS allotted for some prize winners, our generous sponsor, Lakwatsero, will be giving out $10 each instead for the three winners 🙂

As of today, I have two very strong contenders for the Top Commentator award. To make things more exciting, especially for the two of them, I am disabling my commentator counter starting today.

Also, please bear with me as I have to sort through the entries and all when the contest is done. As a reminder, please don’t forget to fill up the forms in the original contest post so I can verify your entries. For those that did multiple Tweet promotions (or FB for that matter) please be sure to submit them all so I can count them. You can send them to me in a single document if you’d like, too. Just email to admin at yapatoots dot com 🙂

Good luck!!!

I need a shopping spree

With classes less than a week away, I have to face up to the sad fact that nothing in my clothes fit right. All the nice clothes I got from when I lost weight a couple of years ago are hanging in my closet gathering dust and some getting musty too. WAAAHHH!!! It saddens me a lot to have to admit that and the prospect of having to wear larger sized clothing, whether women’s or men’s clothing (yes, I’ve tried them all….even maternity clothing!!!) makes me feel so unsure of myself 🙁

Then again, there’s only one way out of this right? I need a shopping spree.

Bubba’s Improvised Cooling Vest

As the temperature continues to rise, we all are feeling the brunt of Mother Nature and no, Bubba is not exempt from it. I feel so helpless when I see him breathing hard because of the heat and how uneasy he gets as he tries to find a cool spot to rest in. Then I remembered that I once saw a dog cooling vest in a store somewhere here in Manila but I couldn’t afford it. It was around Php 5,000.  However, as the heat intensified, I began to reconsider that decision.

I turned to the ever trusty Google search engine and typed in dog cooling vest then I saw a whole bunch of options. All, however, still ranged from $50-100 plus shipping. I was set to get the Php 5,000 one but then inspiration struck! I remembered that I was able to avail once of a six pack chill-bag from Kamiseta (when they still had promos for purchases made!). I filled 2 water bottles with ice (I also prepared some in the freezer! Now I have several empty plastic bottles that have iced over!) and stuck it in two of the sleeves. In the middle, I put one of those resuable ice packs.

Violá! My own cooling pack…all for free!!! 🙂 I tried it for a while and it did help make me feel cooler. I put it against Bubba and I think he was relieved. I liked how the chill bag didn’t get soggy and wet ( I had tried a pillowcase once, but ended up making a mess because as the ice melted, well…you get the point!) although it did get damp.

The only drawback of this compared to a vest is that I can’t strap it on him. The vest would be great for a beach trip or a walk when it’s hot, don’t you think? Hopefully I can find a more affordable option soon.

For a homemade product, however, I’ll give this an A for effort!

Win tickets to SATC2!

While watching TV this afternoon while nomnoming some Haagén Dazs ice cream (wanna know why I bought the ice cream? stay tuned or scroll down!), I saw a contest about SATC2 hosted by Sky Cable…win 2 tickets to a special screening on Jun 2, 2010, Wed, 7.30 pm at Powerplant’s Cinema 2. All you have to do is answer the following question:

In Sex and the City 2 only one of the four main female characters is not married. Name this character.

For all fans, I’m sure you know the answer…right? RIGHT!!! Send your entry to satc2@skycable.com with the following details:

  • SKYCABLE Account Name
  • SKYCABLE Account Number
  • Age
  • Contact Numbers

Deadline for entries is on May 24, 2010. 10 valid emails will be drawn on May 27 and winners will be notified via email and phone. Winners must pick up tickets during office hours in Sky Cable’s office at the 33/F, East Tower, Tektite Building, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Now, back to my ice cream…yes…promo got me again (plus of course the yummy-ness of Haagen Dazs!)

Get a SATC2 journal for a purchase of Haagen Dazs!!! Certain restrictions apply, so please check out posters and print ads for details. I got too excited to take it down hehe 🙂

SATC2 Countdown!!!!

One week FIVE DAYS to go for the advanced screening of Sex and the City 2!!! 🙂 WEEEE!!! I’m way beyond excited. My only problem is that it’s on a Wednesday and I’m coding!!! 🙁

Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see it!

In the meantime, trailer muna!

Oh…and my favorite photos so far:

if I was as skinny as SJP, I’d have the same stuff hanging in my closet!!!

I’m not a big fan of Samantha, but this photo rocks!

this takes the cake! Before there was McDreamy, there was Mr. Big….and he’s still number one for me, despite Grey’s being a favorite as well.

WAAAAHHH….this post reeks fan girl!!! hehe. Just a few more sleeps 🙂

photos from the Warner Bros media pass.