What was your Flash Forward?

I just got a glimpse of the future.

I saw that on Monday nights, Philippine audiences will be glued to the Fox Channel on their TV sets to catch the series Flash Forward.

What about you, what was your Flash Forward?

That is one of the many questions that will be answered on the hit Fox show, Flash Forward that premiered in the Philippines on the night of my 31st birthday, April 5, 2010. As I shared in my birthday post, my blogger friends and I were treated to a no-commercial break, advanced screening of the show in the White Moon Bar at the Manila Ocean Park where we were captivated by the latest sci-fi series to hit TV screens. The first time I had seen the trailer of the show, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t really like it much because it appeared to be one of those shows like Lost, which I totally did not enjoy. However, after seeing the first episode, I quickly changed my mind. And no: I’m not just saying that because I was invited to the screening. As I always tell my offline friends, whatever I write here in my blog is true, so when I say I liked it, I really do! I can’t wait to unravel the story more, I just hope that the story remains true to form and doesn’t end up becoming like Lost later on because that might disappoint me!

The show starts off with an ordinary day with everyone going about their business when suddenly, everyone around the world suddenly loses consciousness in a mysterious “blackout”. For two minutes and seventeen seconds, all human life stops causing massive accidents, plane crashes and the like. During the blackout, everyone Flash Forwards’ to April 29th, a date six months later. What happened? What caused it? Why? These are questions that plague the FBI agent Mark Benford played by Joseph Fiennes.

The show also stars John Cho as FBI special agent Demetri Noh, Christine Woods as FBI agent Janis Hawk, Sonya Walger as Dr. Olive Benford, Courtney Vance as FBI assistant director Stanford Wedeck, Zachary Knighton as Dr, Bryce Varley, and Bryan O’Byrne as Aaron Stark. Flash Forward airs on the Fox Channel, channel 50, at 10pm.

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