Beach getaway hang-over

I still have a beach get-away hangover. I woke up this morning eager to head out to the beach again only to remember that I’m back home and the only thing waiting for me is a pile of paperwork to accomplish. Nevertheless, much as I wish I was still on vacation, I’m glad I got to have a brief respite from the hustle bustle of everyday. It’s been so hard to free up my schedule to go on a weekend trip to the beach, what with my preschool classes, my teaching load in the university and my writing jobs. I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to see the beach anytime this summer. Finally, I was able to squeeze it in.

Along with my family and a good friend of mine, I spent two days in Punta Fuego in A huge 7 bedroom house, just a street away from the beach, complete with a sun deck and a jacuzzi. I couldn’t use them though because the hot tub was kinda clogged with sand. All that was missing were walk in bathtubs. It would have been great for a nice relaxing bubble bath after a leisurely lounge at the beach.

It was paradise! Sure I had to lug my work with me, but checking papers and grading essays by the beach was still so much better than having to be stuck at my desk, right? It came at just the right time because lately, I’ve been feeling down and burnt out, which tends to be the case when I take on too much work or have too many things on my mind. There’s something about being in the beach that really rests not just my body, but also my tired and weary self. So now I’m all dark and toasty on the outside and on the inside, so bright and shiny all over again 🙂 Happiness.

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    Posted by zoan on May 6th, 2010 at 7:34 am

    so much for beaches 🙂 i wanna spend my summer vacation in Bora too, but it’s way too expensive for me 🙁

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    Posted by Lourdes Espanol on May 23rd, 2010 at 9:39 am

    Going to the beach is a nice way of relaxing and rewarding yourself for working so hard.

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