Finding SHOEs to swat away my bad day

Today just didn’t start right. I got up on the wrong side of bed, literally. You wanna know how? I turned the wrong way and my hand went right smack at the coffee mug placed nearby. Yup, hot coffee all over my bed by 6:30 this morning. Then I finally got up and bang….my head went right smack at the bed frame. Then….I made it to work in less than 20 minutes but my client was late for about an hour. And to top things off…I missed a yummy blogger event!!! Talk about a bad day, right? Well, thanks to Earth and her reminder of finding SHOEs daily (for those unaware, SHOEs are your Seven Heavens on Earth, or seven things you appreciate or are grateful for), I decided to go get some SHOEs and swat away this bad day.

So here’s my SHOE today:

1. I opened my email at 12:30 am and saw a note from Melo Villareal telling me I won an autographed Jessica Zafra book for this contest entry!

2. Getting to work in less than 20 minutes, despite all the stresses of the morning.

3. Coming home and taking a nap that really refreshed me.

4. No more psych eval backlogs!!! Yup, I caught up already 🙂 I do have pending reports, but they’re still on track.

5. A nice assignment for my next POC article! It’s quite close to my heart as this was my project last year. Hopefully this could translate to a new project again. Hmmmm…..

6. Having time to blog 🙂

7. A good dinner: danggit from Coron, sinangag, egg and tomatoes. Yum! Oh…and a glass of Coke hehehe.

Well, those are my SHOEs today. Stresses not completely swatted away, but it’s definitely much better now!

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    Posted by zoan on May 29th, 2010 at 10:01 am

    you had a bad day but still we are thankful that we are still alive..

    and andun talaga ang coke noh? ehehe

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    Posted by Lourdes Espanol on May 30th, 2010 at 10:36 am

    I’ll have to keep this SHOEs in mind. Sometimes I get so cranky and depressed that I forget to thank God for my blessings.

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