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Soul Refreshment and the Natural Goodness of Minute Maid

The year that was, also known as 2009, was truly a difficult year for many. For me, I had to deal with financial difficulties that at times felt all too consuming, as well as issues with work and people around me, including friends. On the personal level, I had a lot of issues of feeling alone and isolated, especially as I witnessed many of my friends getting married and having babies. Don’t get me wrong: I am happy for them. But there always is that little part of me that feels insecure about still being on my own.

All these took an emotional toll in me. I tried a lot of things to alleviate the stress I was feeling … I went shopping, I overate, I went shopping so more then ate again, but nothing worked until I realized that there was only one thing that would refresh my tired and weary soul: to go back to nature.

So as the year came to a close and I welcomed 2010, I went back to nature….the shores of Boracay Island.

Of course I couldn’t go completely rogue and forsake my modern technology and conveniences, right? So armed with a good book, my trusty ipod, my amazing Nokia E63, and an icy cold bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Drink, I lay on the sand, soaked up the sun and thanked God for the beauty of nature.

Lying on the sand with the gentle sounds of the waves crashing into shore refreshed my spirit and quenched my thirsty soul. I was reminded about taking time out to appreciate the simple things in life, the natural goodness of simplicity. While basking in the hot glow of the sun, I also refreshed my physical body with the natural goodness of Minute Maid Pulpy Orange. With its juicy pulpy bits, the cool orange juice was a perfect refreshment partner! Read the rest of this entry »

Single Girl Insecurities

Every once in a while, my single girl insecurities creep up and take my by surprise. Despite knowing no man defines me (oooh…so Miranda Bailey), when these insecurities hit, I can’t help but feel that wave of sadness pass me. For the most part, yes, I am happy being able to have the freedom singlehood brings. I like not having to answer to anyone or having to respond to someone else’s needs. On the other hand, it still is nice to have that support system.

Argh….give me a bow and arrow now so I can shoot cupid up his a**….

The View from the Blind Side: A Movie Review

In life, we take many things for granted, especially if we live a comfortable one. Just like in a game of football, we set our sights to a goal, maneuver through obstacles in front of us, but at times, we get run over by something on our blind side. Okay, okay…I won’t pretend I get football, but the movie The Blind Side gave me an appreciation for the game that is widely popular in America.

The Blind Side

Based on the true to life story of Michale Oher, a disadvantaged young African American boy from the bad side of town, who was able to overcome tremendous odds because of a family who welcomed him into their home despite his race and background.  Through the love and support of Leigh Anne Touhy and her family who adopted Michael, he was able to break through the cycle of poverty, violence and the gang life, which may have been his destiny should fate not have stepped in. Through the family’s love and support, Michael went on to receive a football scholarship to a prestigious university and in the end, became an NHL pick for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Blind Side is a heartwarming and inspirational story that made me appreciate what I have in my life. It also taught me new lessons in life and in being an educator.

The film garnered rave reviews and it’s lead actress, Sandra Bullock gained the Golden Globe Best Actress nod. She also won the Screen Actors Guild Award, People’s Choice Award for her role as Leigh Anne Touhy and tied with Meryl Streep for the Critic’s Choice Award.

The Blind Side stars Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Tim McGraw, Kathy Baker, Lily Collins, Jae Head and Ray McKinnon. Directed by John Lee Hancock and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The Blind Side will be shown locally in theaters in the Philippines starting January 27, 2009. Special thanks to Warner Bros. Pictures for the invitation to the special Press Screening.

A Brand New Day!

I wanted to do this at the first of the month (be it January or any other month!), but I guess today is as good a day as any to welcome a brand new day to www.yapatoots.com! This is the third revamp of this domain, all within the last nine months and hopefully, this will be more permanent. I started this site as a photo blog but I got bored with it then made it a travel blog and then I got bored again and…left it alone. This 2010, however, I decided to focus on my writing more and allow myself to explore the world wide web even more. With that, I finally got my own web host and moved from the big B to WP. Harhar. I even am starting to explore what a CPanel is and backing up my files.

I have so many people to thank for this big new adventure in my blogging life. For one, there is Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online and Mom’s Hosting for being brave enough to take me in to her fold, knowing I know nothing about WP, CPanels, hosting and all that hulabaloo everyone talks about when it comes to setting up blogs.  My venture in to this would not also have happened if not for Iris of Pinay Ads, Jen and Jeff of Marriage and Beyond, Earth of Earthlingorgeous, Jonel of Let’s Go Sago, and Ed the Musicblogger. Thanks for patiently explaining what SEO means (not that I get it yet!) and how to maximize my online potential. There are so many more of you out there, from the mommy bloggers who have encouraged me to keep going, to friends I’ve met though blogger events and of course people like Az for always keeping me in his guest list for movies and other fun events.

Now that I think of it, 9 months is kinda like birthing a baby, right? This is my new baby’s birthday I suppose!

I am christening this blog “i am woman, hear me rawr! life’s hits and misses as blogged by yapatoots”. I decided not to be so rigid with creating a niche for it. As such, this will be a lifestyle blog encompassing entertainment, fashion, food, events and the ins and outs of my daily life.

I hope my old friends from LP, SOOC and all the other meme’s I played in before continue to join me as I take snapshots of my life and I invite you new friends who drop by and join me in my journey as I chronicle the hits and misses of days passing by.

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