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Farewell, Tita Cory.

Admittedly this shot goes beyond all of what a SOOC shot is. It definitely is not one that is shot well, as it is so fuzzy and blurry and all. However, the meaning behind this picture transcends its imperfection.

This week my country mourned the loss of one of it’s greatest citizens, Former President Maria Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino. She has been hailed as an icon of democracy, graced the cover of time magazine as 1986’s Woman of the Year, and the first woman president in Asia. Beyond the accolades, however, she was one amazing woman. It was through her efforts that we Filipinos are a free people.

I stood for hours waiting for her funeral cortege to arrive at the gates of the Manila Memorial Park where her remains are now buried. Almost 200,000 Filipinos lined the streets to honor our beloved President despite alternating heavy rains and scorching heat. Her funeral cortege took almost 9 hours to arrive from Manila Cathedral to teh cemetary, which normally would take less than two hours even with some traffic. Yellow confetti rained from the skies as the Filipinos bade farewell to our Tita Cory.