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Scavenger Hunting!

I came across NicoleB’s site by chance, after reading a random comment in some random blog. I was drawn by the photos and information in her blog and so I read through it and discovered that she was hosting a photo scavenger hunt. It was like a sign for me, as I recently started thinking about exploring photography as a hobby. So here’s my take on the hunt.

Allow me some creative liberties as I had difficulty finding a few items…can you believe how hard it is to find a real phone booth in the Philippines?!? Anyway, here are my photos!


When ever I go to the beach, I take home a rather unique souvenir, if I say so myself. I scour the shore to find corals shaped like letters to spell out the name of the beach I was in. I take a photo before packing it up and putting them in a zip-lock plastic bag until they find their way to my shelf of shells. This, coincidentally, is how I learned to read! Read more about it here.


I was recently lucky enough to go to Coron, a beautiful island in the island of Palawan, with a few good friends and colleagues. We attempted to see some fish while snorkling but they wouldn’t take our bait, until my friend T thought of using one of the biscuits we had brought. Success!!!!

Religious Building

This is the facade of one of the oldest churches in Laguna. I am not really one to admire this kind of architecture, but this church took my breath away. I really wish I had nice photography equipment so I could have taken a better picture, but I’d like to think that this was not bad for a simple point and shoot camera.

Fire Department

This was one of the more difficult photos to get…mainly because I don’t live near one. So because I was running out of time, I decided to be creative and took a photo of the toys we had in school!
However when I was telling my friend about it he said he couldn’t let me settle for such a sad excuse for a photo so he gave this to me! The Makati City Fire Department is by far the nicest one I’ve seen here in the Philippines.

Manhole Cover

There are a lot of manholes around the streets of Manila…even around my village there are a lot. I wanted one that was unique though, but I had to settle for this one. Most of the ones I saw were just grey concrete but this was kinda different. I’m not sure what the big M stands for, I’d like to assume its for Meralco, the primary power source of the country. I could be wrong though.


This may be a bit of a different kind of postcard. The usual postcards have scenes of the place it comes from right? However, this is a special postcard to me because it was a pasalubong (souvenir) given to me by a friend who went to Singapore.


When I took my Bubba to the beach, he learned how to swim!!! I love this picture of him in the water. I sent the photo of Laiya to NicoleB when she did a meme on where people live, but that didn’t show the crystal clear waters of that beach.

Communication Device

These days my computer is my most essential communication device. From reading the news to writing on my blog, it is the tool most necessary for my life today! The site on the screen is my “professional”blog, www.theaccidentalteacher.com, which I am so proud to say was nominated in the search for the Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009. The search is still on, so do check out the mechanics of the writing project here!

Life Event

One of my best friends recently got married. I think this is one of the cornerstone life events ever. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever attended. I also love the photos I was able to take then, still with my P&S camera. The lights that the official photographer had sure helped make my photos great!

Foreign Stamp

When I heard Lily Van der Woodsen tell Rufus Humphrey in an episode of Gossip Girl that she and Bart Bass were going to Anguilla for the holidays, I thought it was just a tiny island that was part of a bigger country. However, when I was scavenging for a stamp to share for this hunt, I saw this! Interesting, huh? This stamp is part of my stamp collection. As a child, my mom and I would go to C.M. Recto or Binondo on weekends to buy some mint stamps to add to my collection. I have a whole book of Disney stamps! I also have a lot of the rare and commemorative stamps in many countries. Most of the stamps are used stamps, and I remember how I would write letters to the ambassadors of various countries asking them for used stamps from their homelands. I got a lot! If any of you have stamps to share, please do contact me because I’d love to add more to my collection :-)


I actually had a nicer tree picture, but as I walked Bubba this morning, I came across this tree. I’ve seen it a hundred times before but it wasn’t till today that I noticed the treehouse in it. It reminded me of my childhood days, when I’d climb trees and play house with my cousins.

Living Space of a Non-Human

A few months ago I raised some caterpillars. I was amazed to see how they spun their cocoons. I was also amazed that not all cocoons hang on tree limbs. This is one of the caterpillars. Notice the web-like thingys holding the leaves together? Cool, huh?

Street Mirror

When I first read the list of items, I told Nicole I didn’t know what a street mirror was, maybe because I always called it a safety mirror or a corner mirror. They’re not too common here in the streets of Manila. They’re usually located only in parking lots, and not in the street per se. Also a lot of these safety mirrors are seen in store corners. Anyway, on a recent trip to a theme park, I saw this. And even if I was on the ride already, I had to get a shot taken! If you look close enough you’ll see me!

Decor on a House

I wanted to do something kinda different for decor as well. I thought of taking pictures of windchimes, which is my favorite decor, but I had done it before. I also thought of vases and frames, but it wasn’t calling out to me. Then I thought of something that I don’t see in many houses, except Filipino houses. This is called the Sacred Heart. I honestly don’t know the history of it, but most Filipino homes have something like this by their front gate.

Foreign Flag

Try as I might I could not find a real flag to take a photo of. So I scoured the archives of our school photos and found this. This was taken during one of our school programs.


I love how fire lights up the sky! To be honest, I have an intense fear of fire. The thought of losing a home to fire or being the victim of a blaze gives me nightmares. But every once in a while, I love the sight of fire.


This was a bit hard to take too. I wanted to get a photo of the typical antenna, but I couldn’t get a good shot with my camera. It was always blurry and fuzzy. So when I saw this dish, I figured it was better than my fuzzy blurry shot. It serves the same purpose, right?

Phone Booth

This was the most difficult!!! And yup, creative liberties taken to the max here. I think phone booths are almost obsolete here for two main reasons: first, sari-sari stores (kinda like a convenience store, but home based) allow for phone calls and second, because the Philippines is a widely texting nation, almost everyone owns a cellular phone. What seems to me as the “phone booth” people go to now are loading centers, where they can get their cellphones loaded with credit. Even the malls don’t have much phone booths anymore!

Verboten/Forbidden Sign

This sign never fails to make me laugh! I’ve been to several hotels that have this and it’s hysterical how a fruit can be forbidden! I don’t particularly like Durian, mainly because it smells bad, but to ban a fruit?!? hahahahahaha!!!! However, the rule does make sense. This fruit leaves a heavy and pungent smell that’s not too pleasant.


This is my favorite place in the world…so far that is! This is another shot taken at San Juan, Laiya. While the sands are not as pristine as the infamous Boracay shores, it’s so much more quiet and peaceful here. Another reason Laiya is so close to my heart is because it is where I found healing when I went through a very dark night of the soul.


This is the view from the penthouse of one of the hotels in Makati City. My friend had a birthday party there last weekend, and I got some great shots of the city. Makati is the business district in the country, hence all the skyscrapers, hotels and big buildings around.

Something Goofy

My beach buddy! He hated this….hehe. But he was nice enough to let me take a shot before getting all annoyed at me for making him my muse.

Something Carved

Another discovery from my Tagaytay weekend was this nice carved moulding accentuating the ceiling of my hotel room. Isn’t it pretty? I had another photo in mind when I started the hunt, but this was too nice to pass up.

An Eye

I know its not the best quality photo, but I love it! When I was teaching my toddlers class about the parts of the body, I took photos of them so they could identify these parts. I have a whole set of eye, ear, nose and lip photos :-)

Something Rural

How much more rural or rustic can one get than with this manang (lady) hand-embroidering a table cloth? This was taken in the province of Laguna where embroidery is one of the main sources of income.

So there’s my hunt! I hope you enjoyed my shots as much as I enjoyed hunting for them. If you liked them, show some love and vote for me here!

Alam Niyo Ba? (Do you know?)

Para sa LP ngayon, naisip ko ibahagi ang isang nakakatuwang nalaman ko noong huling pasukan. Alam niyo ba na hindi pala lahat ng caterpillar (pasensya na, parang di ko sila gamay tawaging uod kaya caterpillar nalang) ay gumagawa ng cocoon na nakasabit sa mga sanga ng puno? Akala ko lahat sila ganun. Ang iba pala ay sumisiksik sa ilalim ng lupa sa ilalim ng mga dahon at doon namamahay hanggang handa na sila maging paro-paro. Tsaka hidndi pala lahat ng cocoon ng isang caterpillar ay hindi malambot parang bulak (ganun ang nakikita ko sa tv e!). Matigas pala siya! Diba nakakatuwa?!? Napulot ko itong caterpillar na ito sa palaruan sa eskwelahang tinuturuan ko. At siyempre, ginawa ko siyang lesson para sa mga studyante ko. Ngayon talagang alam na nila ang ibig sabihin ng metamorphosis!

Ano pa ang alam niyo? Silipin ang mga alam na ng mga ka-LP!

For LP this week, I thought of sharing a fun lesson I learned last school year. Do you know that not all caterpillars spins a cocoon that hangs from a tree or plant limb? Apparently, some of them burrow themselves deeply in the soil under a pile of leaves until they are ready to emerge as butterflies. Also, not all cocoons are soft-cottony like. These ones I had made hard shell-like cocoons. Isn’t that interesting? I picked up this caterpillar in the playground of the school I teach in and of course, I integrated it into my lesson plan. Now I can truly say they know what metamorphosis is!

What else do you now know? See what other LP’s know!

Bubba Blogs.

Camera Critters

This is a repost but I love it so much, even though its a low quality photo! I came out of the bathroom one late night and found my Bubba plopped in front of the lappy. I had spent the whole day working on some psych evals and had not had taken the time to walk him all day. I guess this was his way of getting my attention :-)

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In the Still of the Night.

I spent the weekend in a lovely hotel in Tagaytay City, Philippines for a training workshop. Having a great venue to snap some shots sure made spending a weekend working much more fun.

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Cute and Cuddly

Way too cute to think of a title :-) Straight out of the camera. I wish I could touch up the flaky thing on her face though.

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Let’s Play PhotoHunt!

Play anyone? While waiting for our pizza to arrive one rainy evening, my friend and I played with this plastic checker set on the table :-)

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Sa Gitna Ng Kaguluhan, Ang Kasagutan sa Lahat ay Payak (In the Midst of Chaos, the Answer is Simple)

Hayaan niyo sana ako mag bigay ng konting katutuwan sa ating tema ngayong linggo. Nung iniisip ko kung ano ang gagawin ko para sa Linggong ito, naisip ko dumalaw sa isang palaruan para makakuha ng litrato ng mga batang naglalaro dahil para sa akin, sila ang tunay na kumakatawan sa ideyang lahat ay payak.

Ngunit habang nakaupo ako sa harap ng aking lamesa kaninang umaga, nakita ko ang litratong ito at napatawa ako sa pagalala ko sa nangyari nung araw na iyun. Ang kwento kasi diyan ay habang kami ng aking mga kabarkada sa Davao, napadayo kami sa Eden Nature Park. Sa kasamang palad, maulan nung panahon na iyon ngunit gusto parin sana naming mag-trekking. Sa kabila ng paalala na “not advisable”mag trekking nung araw na iyun, nagpumilit kami. Inabot kami ng malakas na ulan at tatlo sa amin ay nadulas ng katakot-takot sa pagakyat ng madulas na gubat. Nabagok pa nga ulo ko nung nadapa ako. Pagdating namin sa kapatagan, napagpasyahan naming wag na ipagpatuloy ang trek at humingi kami ng tulong sa mga namamahala ng parke.

Itong litratong ito, kahit nakunan bilang isang katuwaan (obvious ba at nakaposing lang ang kasama ko!), ngayon ay nagsisilbi sa akin bilang isang paalala na madalas sa buhay, haharap tayo sa kahirapan o kaguluhan ngunit ang solusyon o kasagutan dito ay payak basta ba’t bukas tayo sa ideyang humingi ng tulong sa iba.

Please allow me to attempt to put some fun into our theme for today. When I first thought about what I should do for this week, I thought of going to a playground or a park to take pictures of children playing because for me, they are the embodiment of what is simple.

However today as I sat at my desk, I came across this picture and it made me laugh remembering what we went through that day. There is a story behind this picture, you see. This was taken when my friends and I went to Eden Nature Park in Davao City. Unfortunately, the weather was not good and it was raining for most of the day but we still wanted to go trekking in the park as it was said to be quite nice. Despite being warned that taking the trek was not advisable, off we went. We consequently got caught in a heavy downpoar and three of us even slipped on the muddy forested area. In fact, I even hit my head on the ground when I fell. When we got to a relatively flat area, we decided to not pursue the rest of the trek and called for help from the management of the park.

This picture, albeit posed, now reminds me of a small fact of life: often times we will face adversity and difficult times, but in the midst of all that chaos, the answer is simple, as long as we’re willing to ask for help.

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The Magic is Here!

Lately I’ve been wanting a DSLR, or at least a P&S with DSLR features. But every once in a while, my trusty Olympus says you don’t really need one.

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